Wondering Wednesdays: Question #18

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( I wanna fly, baby!)

Oddly enough, I have pondered this question more in my life than I care to imagine. Mostly because I somehow truly think it could happen, knowing that it will never come to fruition. Would I want to sing? Speak several languages fluently? Have photographic memory? Would I want to wake up now having the ability to be a better person? Of course not, I want to be able to teleport myself.

As a proud individual who possesses the impatience gene, there is no doubt in mind that I would love to the have the ability to be wherever I want, and get there in a matter of seconds. No longer would I have to worry about traffic, driving, being on a train, or going through airport security. The possibilities are endless! There are so many reasons that I could name that would justify the reasoning for the gift of teleporting, but here are the cream of the crop:

  • I would no longer have to travel on any Miami road or highway, therefore adding years back to my life and eliminate the possibility of me going to prison for road rage.
  • I could add more time to my pre-work nap. And yes, I take an additional nap on top of actual sleep that I wake up from in the morning before work. It’s called dedication.
  • Limitless trips back to my hometown for holidays and such. I would be able to upgrade my car rental to a FULL-SIZE SUV, because I would be a new baller. I would also be able to leave as soon as my nerves are demolished by my mother.
  • Traveling to concerts with ease, all over the world. No longer will I have to worry about trying to trek up to Orlando to see Daley or find a way to get to Australia just to see Coldplay. I would also have more money to get my snobby seats!
  • Although I am hardly late, EVER, I would be able to bring down my tardiness factor to ZERO: Movies, parties, the end of happy hours- they would all be mine!
  • Parking is just as bas as driving in Miami, and now the majority of major cities in the Unites States? No parking spot? No problem. I’m teleporting my behind right on the curb of 8th and Ocean Drive, so I can tan and witness debauchery with my peace of mind in tact.

What ability would you like to abuse? Let me know, you hot messes!


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