When Dove Bars Cry


( I don’t know why I bought these, I am neither skinny, nor… I’m just not skinny)

Sooooo, I was supposed to be on this health kick and workout regimen in preparation to meet my future baby daddy, Prince in July. It was supposed to start back in February. To celebrate this joyous journey, I decided to buy some skinny jeans that I knew I would be able to slide into as I jumped on my plane to New Orleans to meet Purple Reign. I just tried them on a few minutes ago…

And let’s just say that there is nothing skinny about me. Only these jeans. I am not sure why I decided to torture myself, but I have not made much progress in the last few months- AT ALL. I took a picture of myself in the jeans earlier today, and I wouldn’t wish viewing that photograph on my worst enemy. That’s how bad it was. This picture will only be shown as a “BEFORE” photo when I finally reach my “AFTER”, whenever that day comes. Not sure if this day will appear before I get ready to jam out to “Darling Nikki” in the Superdome in 30 days, but I am going to try my best. Why? Because I’m really good at trying, but not so much at the succeeding part.

Can we go back to the “My 183 is not Your 183” series from a year back? I let everyone follow my journey to try to fit into my bridesmaid’s dress for my best friend’s wedding, and that was greeeeat. I made it into the dress, but also made it back into the burger scene once the honeymoon was over. I am very skilled at showing you all cool pictures of my elliptical results, sweating in the sauna, and my latest juice recipe. But what I’m also really good at is not showing you pictures of me eating ribs, chugging wine, and enjoying my affinity for all things laced in cheese. Oh, and chocolate- I love chocolate! Chocolate ice cream, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate espresso beans. Oh my goodness, I need your help people…

So I’m trying again to get myself together. And I’m putting myself out there again. My triumphs and my failures, will be there for you all to see. Encourage me, discourage me, slap me if you see a donut in my hand. Yes, I want to look good for Prince, but I finally want to just look and feel good for myself. We’ll see where I get in the next 30 days, but I look forward more to where I’m going to be afterwards. I’ll still be a hot mess, but I want to actually believe in the hot part.



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