AMA Awards, aka “A Mess Always” : HotMessLife Recap

This is exactly why I cannot take this awards ceremony seriously. This. Picture. Right. Here. 

When awards shows come around, I mostly look forward to about 35% of the performances and 80% of the outfits. It’s people watching at its best. But that’s all these shows are good for these days, because I can’t take them seriously. The Country Music Awards seem to come on every 4 months, and the Billboard Awards are forgettable. The Grammys hold their own, but the rest are a joke, including the lovely American Music Awards that were on Sunday night. The trophies are awarded by a tally of fan votes, so iconic entities such as One Direction and Taylor Swift are given trophies that look very uncomfortable if you sat on them by mistake.

A few hot mess observations and thoughts from last night:

  • Best Pop/Rock album went to One Direction. Over Justin Timberlake  and Taylor Swift. Winning over Taylor?  That makes perfect sense, but I’ll explain that later. But Justin Timberlake, REALLY? Arguably one of the best albums of the year PERIOD, and it’s a shame to see some teeneyboppers beat real music that’s out there. But when it finally hit me that the fans vote on the winners, it all makes sense. No one is  match for millions of teenaged girls hopped up on Mountain Dew, Instagram, and candy. Good music ain’t winning shit!
  • Was anyone confused besides myself with the actual musical categories?!? Someone on Facebook made a great point yesterday when they wondered why Rihanna was in the Favorite Female Artist, R&B category, when she is clearly a pop artist. Did the AMA committee run out of R&B artists to add into the category? It doesn’t make sense, because they only have 3 nominees. clearly, they could have added Kelly Rowland in there as a fluffer (not that kind). But it didn’t stop there. Robin Thicke in the Pop Category. JT in the R&B. Taylor Swift in Artist of The Year. Granted, Robin does some poppy stuff and everyone knows JT has got some soul, but can we at least give some other artists a chance?  And also realize what type of music is out there?
  • Speaking of JT and Robin Thicke, I heard a few uproars about “white people” taking over the Rap and R&B world. I mean, people were freaking out about Macklemore and Ryan Lewis winning the Rap Category and Timberlake winning the R&B category. As far as the rap category goes, we all know Jay-Z is a legend and Lil Wayne has done his time in the game, but Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are talented, and you can’t take that away from them just because they’re white. Was their album better than Jigga’s?  You gonna kill me if I say maybe/maybe not? Lil Wayne is a joke, but there are not many other options. Who should have won- 2Chainz? Same goes with R&B. You mad because the king of R&B right now is Mr. Seaver’s son? And someone from the Mickey Mouse club can throw down? I’m sorry if all the R&B boys are out there making dance remixes of all their songs ( if I hear Work Hard/Play Hard by Neyo one more time….) and seem to have lost their soul roots. Don’t get mad a good music.
  • Lip syncing. It’s sad to see that it opens shows and people stand up for it and clap. Katy Perry, JLo, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, please go away.

And let’s remember that these awards are given to “FAVORITE” artists, and not necessarily the “BEST”. So we can only give these accolades so much credit. If you now have 15 million tweens voting for Favorite Pop/Rock Artist, it doesn’t really matter anymore. MJ must be moonwalking forward in his grave.


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