Hot Mess Friday’s Question of the Week: Is It Okay To Be “Solo Dolo”?

( Table for 1???)

I am going to see a baseball game tonight, by myself. Granted, I know a few people who will be there that I’ll be eventually meet up with, but I am taking the trip “aaallll byyyyy maaaahseeeelllllf”, with no one to split parking with. And I do it all the time.

Anyone who knows me understands that if I really want to go to something, I don’t need anyone tagging along. Yes, it would be nice to have someone to make fun of strangers with when I’m out and about, but it’s not necessary. I have been to countless movies, sporting events, even concerts, all by my damn self, and it’s no big deal. A heated discussion ensued at work last week regarding this topic, when one of my employees thought it weird that I would spend a lot of money on a concert, just to go solo.  This same person also doesn’t realize how hard it is to find someone to go see Alabama Shakes with you, which is why I do what I do.

During the same discussion, we also kicked around places where people would feel comfortable going alone, as well as places no one should travel to solo. Here are a few:


  1. Movies
  2. Dinner
  3. Museums



  1. Concerts ( oops)
  2. Sporting Events ( oops)
  3. The Club ( did that once, and will never do it again…. talk about looking like a creeper)


What do you think?  Is there somewhere you wouldn’t be caught solo?  Agree with anything on the lists?  Is there anywhere you’ve been that no one would believe you went by yourself?



2 thoughts on “Hot Mess Friday’s Question of the Week: Is It Okay To Be “Solo Dolo”?

  1. I have this same issue and I feel the EXACT same way about it. I go solo ALLLLLLL the time and I actually LOVE it. Especially eating out and the movies.

    But I do have to vent. Iwas going to write my own blog post on it. I just had a bad experience the other day at a restaurant I was secret shopping for my b-day party (I planned on invited 20 people) I figured if they handle me well solo, they will handle a big group well and deserve my $$$$$. They failed miserably. They ignored me while I waited at the ‘wait to be seated sign’. I guess they figured I was waiting on the rest of my party? Then they tried to sit me right next to the servers computer where there is the most disrupting traffic and all the servers stand. (um , “I’d actually like to sit over there please, where I’m not in the way. Since it is empty, is that a problem?”) Then another table came in and they got bread and their wine before I was even served water or welcomed with a menu. Needless to say, they are not getting my money ever again. If you play well to a solo diner like me I will tip you WAY over what you’d have gotten from a 2+ table. But this is VERY rare and I usually have a great experience.

    whew – ok done. But yes, i buy solo concert and sporting tickets too. If I decide at the last minute not to go, i just sell my tick. good for you Hot Mess. And BTW, I LOVE Alabama Shakes. You’ve Got to HOOOOOLLLLD OOONNNN. WAIT!

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