Hot Mess Friday’s Question of the Week: Should You Embrace the “Ratchet”?

So I’m starting something new this week. Each Friday, I will be posting a thought-provoking question to get your mind and social circles geared up for the upcoming weekend. And hopefully it’ll cause more people to read this crap.

It is clearly obvious that there is a section of women in our society that have happily accepted being looked upon as less than a real woman. The sad thing is, they don’t even realize it, because they are weighted down by 3 pounds of Virgin Remy hair, a can of hairspray, and purse they can fit all their children in. My friend shared a video with me the other day created by some YouTube celebrities singing their original hit “I’m a Boss Ass Bitch”, and they clearly were not. These, um, “women”, love to yell out, “I’m a bad BITCH” and “Yea, I’m RATCHET!”.  First of all, I don’t even know how that word was deemed the new word for the criminally ridiculous female. When I Googled it, all I saw were images of a tool and some Sega video game character.

Sadly, social media and smartphones have allowed this new genre to have a platform to inform the masses that they are a hot mess. Thank goodness I’m not on Instagram (yet), otherwise I am sure to be inundated with selfies of ladies with stretched leggings, showing their lady bits, and I might even see some purple hair. Sometimes I think, “do these women have any true aspirations in life”?

This is somewhat of a personal rant, and that’s ok because it’s my blog. However, I want to get the opinion of the rest of the digital world. Do you like “ratchet” women?  How are they influencing those around them?  Are you ratchet yourself? Do I need to stage an intervention?


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