Death By Sushi… How A Crunch Roll Derailed My Diet Plan & My Budget


Well after the brutal Facebook “talking to” from a friend after last week’s update, I gave myself a reality check (thanks E!). I did a lot of soul-searching, less fry-eating, and even stopped counting calories for a few days and just relaxed with my thoughts. Oh, and I worked out a little. And guess what?  I lose two pounds!

Who would have thunk it?  I finally stop thinking about food so much, and just took it day by day, and I found myself not eating so much crap. The financial class I told you about last week has also helped. It involves stashing away your debit card and using your cash for everything, to see where you may overspend and learning to tell your money where to go.  I used to just tell my money to fly out of my pocket, as I have been known to spend $200-$300 per month on takeout. $300 DOLLARS?!?! As I looked back over my bank statements over recent months, my mouth was wide open and in desperate need of a cookie. I couldn’t believe how much money I was wasting on fast food and lunches at work- all while my sad little head of romaine lettuce wilted away in my fridge, under the bag of molded shredded carrots.

The class is teaching me to budget and instructs me to use cash for groceries and eating out. I am supposed to set aside a certain amount of money for eating out (every two weeks), and once the money is gone, it’s gone. I can’t take the money from anywhere else (stealing money from the gas fund to the Taco Bell fund is a no-no), and once the money runs out, no more take out. I decided to make a drastic move and set aside only $60 bucks for eating out for my first two-week period. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do it, seeing as I was almost spending $100 a week outside of my kitchen. $30 bucks a week?  Are you kidding?!

I actually didn’t do that bad. I was keeping track of the money, taking my little cheesy envelope labeled “EATING OUT” with me as I paid the cashier at Subway, ignoring the weird stares from the people behind and the Sandwich Artist behind the sneeze guard. Unfortunately, when the envelope was no longer filled with dollar bills but receipts instead, I was at a crossroads. Not having the ease of the debit card to swipe was killing me. Even though I had plenty of food (healthy at that!) at home, my fingers, wallet, and stomach were itching for familiarity. So I broke down and USED MY DEBIT CARD FOR SUSHI!  Oh, the shame…

As I devoured my J B Crunch Roll from Siam Dragon, I felt terrible and defeated. I didn’t even last two weeks without breaking the bank, literally. But I’m trying this whole thing called POSITIVITY and I realize that my Hot Mess Eating Habits and Hot Mess Budget Skills will NOT change overnight. I am a work in progress, and so I am going to keep trying. I am now hiding my debit card somewhere in my house where I won’t be prone to look for it (in my Date Shoes shoebox since they ain’t getting used). I also am writing notes to myself in all my little cash envelopes, shaming myself into not borrowing money out of them in order to get french fries. So if I try to dip into the Grocery Fund to go get some Dairy Queen, there will be a little note telling me ” Are you really here?  You’re willing to spend the Romaine lettuce money for some ribs? Get outta here!”. Because remember, I am my own worst enemy…


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