Chinese Food: Breakfast of Champions

week 23

Just so you know, I hopped on and off the scale this morning about fifteen times, hoping that the number would change so I could feel a little less guilty about where I stand this week. At one point, the scale read “182”, and I thought I could describe to everyone how I was still pretty naughty this week, but that nothing changed. But when I went to retrieve my phone to take the picture, the scale decided to tell me the truth and show you all proof that I just ate leftover Chinese for breakfast and the fact that I clearly have issues.

I failed all of my goals from last week, as I ate take out all week, my ONE workout consisted of an 18-minute stretch segment from OnDemand, and the only vegetable I have been taking in is potatoes in the form of french fries and vodka. Oh, and grapes in my wine. As Lent appeared, I decided to give up red meat, coffee, and soda. After I quickly ate a roast beef sub from Publix the VERY NEXT DAY, I realized that eating like a crazy person was really ingrained in my soul and that I need some serious help.

For all of those of you are rooting for me, I appreciate it, and I am going to keep on going, and also being brutally honest with you and myself, no matter how embarrassing it is. You have no idea (or maybe you do) to know that I had to post this photo that read “185” on it. Do you realize how many other things weigh 185 pounds?

  1. The Olsen twins (collectively)
  2. The World’s Biggest Burger
  3. Me
  4. A big ass dog
  5. 1/2 of an engine in a Smart Car
  6. Wes Welker

So, since I don’t have the skills to play wide receiver for the Patriots, there is no reason for me to weigh this much. So I am making a declaration today that I will never weigh 185 pounds again. At least not until I start to have babies and somehow gain 45 pounds during pregnancy.

The thing that I am struggling with is willpower and dedication, traits that you think I would possess since I appear so damn fabulous. But oh no, it’s not that easy, and many people will tell you. Again, this is all coming from a person who has never successfully reached a health goal and can only cook three things: fajitas, omelettes (kind if the same thing, if you ask me), and bourbon chicken. And since I can’t live off of that and Kool-Aid for the rest of my life if I’m going to reach my goal of living until I’m 123, then I need to add some more weapons to my food arsenal. So let’s try this again-

Goals for the Week:

  • Workout everyday
  • Drink plenty of agua
  • Don’t break any of the aforementioned rules… (they are pretty easy to handle, you pansy)

Wish me luck…


2 thoughts on “Chinese Food: Breakfast of Champions

  1. Don’t despair, Michelle! This is much like my journey when, after losing my first 10 pounds, I proceeded to think I knew everything and gained 8 of them back over 2 weeks. Try to change your eating habits one step at a time and definitely keep up the working out. I only did cardio for about 5 months and still dropped about 2.5 pounds a week – strength training will help but doesn’t burn as many calories and it looks like that’s where you need some help 🙂 I am cheeseburger lover myself – make one at home with green beans or at least a BAKED potato as a side and enjoy. Good luck sister!

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