Yeah, so uh….. Month 10

Random Thoughts of a Hot, Fat Chick

So here we are in Month 10, the supposed end of my journey, and I was just told that I’m almost half body fat….

Halloween is next weekend, and I will be wrapped up more like Mike Vick’s hand than an actual football….

I have not hit a plateau, I’ve hit a pothole in the road… which resembles a huge cheeseburger….

This is NOT the end of my journey, because I plan to keep on trucking….

If a road to weight loss was so easy and carefree that it could be wrapped up in 10 months, I would have done it my senior year in college so I could have been an NFL wife by now….now I’ll be lucky to hook up with a retired athlete who played a few years post-college in Uzbekistan…

I’m hungry……

I really am getting sick of people telling me they would go out with me if I was skinnier… wtf?

I would love some chili fries right now…

Am I the only person who feels like if they burp enough, they can lose a pound in one day…

I wonder if I could be my own personal trainer… take that 24 Hour…

If cheese had the same exact nutritional content as vegetables, I think I would be happy…

This is all going to be HILARIOUS when I finally lose 40 pounds…


-Keep It A Hot Mess

*All images are courtesy of GOOGLE Images… I do not claim ownership to ANY of the photos used in this blog, unless otherwise specified

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